Data Structures

Dear Friends,

Here, we discuss a very important subject of Computer Science and Engineering, DATA STRUCTURES, the question may hover in your mind that what is Data Structures? Let me answer this question, Data Structures are the collection of techniques to Store, Retrieve, and Update Data.

The importance of a technique is, if we store data according to some technique than we know the arrangement of data items in storage and we can apply some scheme (Algorithm) to access that data. Following are the techniques (Data Structures)

(1) Array
(2) Linked List
(3) Stack
(4) Queue
(5) Tree
(6) Graph

In Array, data are arranged in sequential manner in continuous memory locations, each element is accessed by a unique index number, and indices are stared from 0 or any other number, and are assigned in sequential manner.

In Linked list, there is no compulsion for the Operating system to store data elements in continuous memory locations. In it, each data element is stored in a node, a node usually has two parts, first data part and other is link part which stores the address of next element.

Stack is a Last in First out data structure, in which last inserted element comes out first. In it, addition of element is called PUSH and deletion of an element is called POP.

Queue is a First in First out data structure, in which, the element which was added first comes out first out of the Queue. A Queue has two ends, FRONT and REAR.

Tree is a hierarchical data structure, in which elements are arranged in hierarchies (levels), tree has parent child relationship among its elements.

Tree is a special case of a Graph data structure, in Graph Cycles are found among elements and there is no hierarchy among elements. Some operations on data structures

(a) Traversing
(b) Insertion
(c ) Deletion
(d) Searching
(e) Sorting
(f) Merging

Each data structure has its own algorithm for implementation of these operations