Problem with some keyboard keys are exchanged

This is very common problem happens with most of you that after fresh installation of windows operating system some keys of the key board such as ” is swapped by @, in this situation many of you have changed the keyboard but it does not solve the problem, solution is… Read more“Problem with some keyboard keys are exchanged”

Fluoropolymer Monomer Properties

Fluoropolymer Monomer Synthesis: Tetrafluoroethylene;Hexafluoropropylene;Perfluoroalkyl Vinyl Ethers;Chlorotrifluoroethylene;Vinylidene Fluoride;Vinyl Fluoride. Properties of Tetrafluoroethylene Tetrafluoroethylene is a colorless, odorless, tasteless,nontoxic gas which boils at 76.3 C and melts at 142.5 C. The critical temperature and pressure of TFE are 33.3 C and 3.92 MPa. TFE is stored as a liquid; vapor pressure at… Read more“Fluoropolymer Monomer Properties”