About Us

"Treat Success and Failure equally because any INITIATIVE may turn into either SUCCESS or into FAILURE, if you achieve success then set tougher GOAL and keep it up but if you face a FaiLure then BACKTRACK and try to find RooT cause of this failure, remove it, and ReSTarT. Scientists and the Mother Nature work in this way, and this concept has NO copyright, YoU can also follow it."



Hello Friends,

         Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting here and it's my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Ashish, and I am from Delhi, India. The one of the aims of creating this website is I would like to share my knowledge and resources with the rest of the world, where I could utilize my knowledge & skills for mutual growth.

Coming to my educational qualifications, I did my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering, where I got to know about many skills like basics of Computer Science and Engineering, leadership qualities, discipline and team work. I did my Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering where I developed the in depth knowledge in some areas of Computer Science and Engineering such as Algorithms and Data Structures, Theory of Computation, Compilers, Cryptography.

At present, I am pursuing Ph. D. in Information Security, in which I try to make our online systems more secure and robust. My areas of Interest are: C/C++/Java/Python programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Compilers, Computer System and Architecture, and System Security.

I have been in teaching for last 15 years, and my biggest strength is that I can make anybody understand easily about the complex topics of Computer Science and Engineering.

Presently, I hold a position of Assistant Professor in a reputed University, and I enjoy teaching and sharing of knowledge. You can contact me by using CONTACT US page in menu options. Thanks.